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Dairy Calf & Heifer Association has commissioned Bonnie Mohr to create “Enchanted Pastures”. These are perfect for the art and dairy enthusiast. There are only a limited number of prints available, and Bonnie Mohr has only a limited number of dairy paintings left in her collection and there will be very few dairy paintings created in the future.

A personal note from Bonnie about the painting: Commissioned by the Professional Dairy Heifer Growers Association, now Dairy Calf & Heifer Association, Enchanted Pastures is a piece of beautiful landscape cow art that displays a hearty and lively crop of young Holstein heifers on lush green farmlands. This mother and her children enjoy the warm sunshine, and picnic in the pasture for a short get-a-way in the middle of their day, while the family collie keeps a close watch on the herd.

We had the opportunity to visit with Bonnie Mohr about the history and vision of "Enchanted Pastures", watch the interview here.

Watch a short clip of Bonnie Mohr explaining her future with dairy artwork here.

The artwork of Bonnie Mohr speaks for itself—with a passion for living life to the fullest and a love for the country life that surrounds her. Bonnie’s oil paintings, steeped in rich earthy colors and a charming realism style, are a true reflection of this artist's heart. It is from her second-floor farmhouse studio, in the early morning hours, that Bonnie creates these labors of love. Bonnie finds inspiration from her earlier childhood years and revealing tributes of her full life today as a dairy farmer wife and mother of five. It is from these life experiences that she paints who she is, and what she lives—engaging and inspiring her audience, capturing the genuine beauty of everyday life, and reminding us to savor the "now."

Bonnie is a self-taught artist.  Her "career on canvas" began in 1988, when western and wildlife artwork crazed the country. Bonnie was true to herself, and her audience and it was cows that she especially loved and began to paint. Her attention and accuracy to anatomy, bone structure and composition quickly earned her the reputation of becoming America’s most loved and acclaimed bovine artist. Her art has since matured and developed, from capturing cows and rural American country scenes to creating and writing poetic, inspirational paintings. Her voice continues to pour out of her art, reminding you to stop, take a deep breath—to fully live the gift of today.  She has donated hundreds of prints to charities and events for worthy needs and causes. Her original oil paintings hang in private and corporate collections across the US as well as countries abroad. 

Bonnie continues to grow in her artistic journey with a profound appreciation for the blessings in life. With an open mind and an open heart, she embraces her God-given skill, creating artwork that is a testimony of her own character.  She resides near Glencoe, Minnesota with her family where they run their dairy operation and Bonnie Mohr Studio.

All proceeds will go DCHA Scholarship fund.

Items purchased will be shipped only within the United States.  If outside of the United States, please contact Sue Schatz (sue@calfheifer.org) for more information.

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